Munich Diaries: The Hills Are Alive

November 14, 2015
An extract of a diary I wrote during my terrible trip to Salzburg - the home of the Sound of Music and Mozart and supposedly very pretty landscapes. The weather was so awful I couldn't see a thing.

22 May 2015

The thing with Salzburg is whatever is furthest away seems the prettiest. You see something hidden under the shade of a mountain and you walk for ages to get there and it's not that nice. So you see something else and it's the same story. I'm hungry. 

On a day where the sun is shining I imagine I would never want to leave. On a dramatically rainy day like today I had to go into a Starbucks to book a bus back to Munich after less than 24 hours using the free wifi. The bus journey to and from was delightful, endless fields of greenery and occasionally the sky permitted you to see the mountains. On the motorway tucked inside hills are big wooden houses, and you wonder how the residents haven't gone mad yet. I can imagine being a teenager in a place like this would be suffocating. 

On the way back I begin to resent the weather and realise I will probably never return to this place. I am stubborn and the city suits me. A place this green is best viewed though a vehicle window. I start to wish I could paint, as a quick photo on my iPhone could never do the scenery justice. 

Travelling alone is good, but I think sometimes you need somebodies input. Particularly on a rainy day like today, you need a good dose of humour and a kick up the backside. Occasionally I wish I had someone with me to stop me from being so cynical - though I find it difficult enough to get along with myself let alone to select one person to share the tiring, unglamorous trip with. 

I made some great friends in Munich - the best of those a group of American boys. They are good, decent guys who are enjoying new experiences together. I seem to spend most of my time making friends with men. Some of them try to kiss me and others just provide good company. Occasionally I wish I was also a guy so there wasn't always the lingering suspicion of sexual intentions. Other times I am glad to be a woman. I know it's wrong to say but travelling becomes easier when you are female. Sure it is scary to be alone sometimes but the sad fact is people are much more likely to help you if you are a girl. Or maybe it's just my friendly demeanour. Who knows, you give what you get. 


  1. A new and honest look at an old subject. Why SHOULD young people just echo what they've heard? Love the sneaky little comment that you wish you could paint, to show the landscape in more depth than a photo. Go Ellen! Great to see you the other week!

  2. good grief mum/grandma, I thought I was going insane, you nicking my profile and all that! Great article, as usual Ellen. Glad being a woman means you feel safer - in other cultures that would def not be the case so I'm delighted that you feel free to just be. Keep going. keep writing x

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