July 23, 2017
Another Pride has come and gone, and following previous rituals I decided to take document the day with using a disposable camera. This year, owing to the fact I am newly sober it sort of ruined the surprise for me with getting the photos developed. In fact I am disappointed that one or two images were completely omitted from the sets I have been given. Perhaps I will share some photos from previous years so there is something to compare it to! Each photo (barring all photos of me, which were taken by Sarah Tegenfeldt) was taken by yours truly. All pictures were taken on Saturday 15th June 2017. This time I tried to focus more on taking pictures of friends and interesting people, as opposed to pictures of the same-old silly scenery that I will never look at again. I had to get a shot of my battered Doc Martens though. Each photo carries a short story that I will attempt to summarise. 

I hope you enjoy this photo series, and as always I would appreciate your feedback. 

Balloons Christopher Street Day Marienplatz
Black balloons being released for something sad at the Marienplatz event for Christopher Street Day. Notice the classic finger over the lens. It's incredible how there is always a photo like this without fail in every set of my photos.

Old Doc Martens picture holes
Despite the holes and the fact they are a size too big (meaning I always have to wear two pairs of socks) these are still way more comfy than my new Docs. The postcard from my recent trip to the French Riviera had fallen from its place on the bookshelf and was a happy coincidence.

girl with rainbow gay pride flag
Unintentional Jesus pose in front of the flag that became my outfit later in the day

Frauenkirche Marienplatz Muenchen Munich
There is no story here, it's just a very cliché photo of the city that stole my heart 

Augustiner helles beer bottles
Alex (left) and Akshay (right) drinking local favourite beer 'Augustiner'

Klimt Munich Sessions artist
The lovely 'Klimt" performing at The Munich Sessions charity event - she took off her shoes and used a loop pedal

BBQ sausage roll
Delicious sausages with onions, coleslaw and curry ketchup. I want to remember this roll forever. Alex was just a prop 

munich sessions grilling john cooney
John Cooney rocking the grill

munich sessions event charity spezi
Tanya was a superhero this day - she was on the grill, selling raffle tickets, taking pictures and even threw in a beautiful acoustic performance. Go girl!

irish munich performing music
John Dunne (left) and Mark Keane (right) performing at The Munich Sessions 'Hungry For Music' event. John usually plays guitar but can't right now as he has broken his wrist/hand so he's holding onto the microphone cord for dear life. Both were wonderful as always!

Me looking like Lady Liberty at Viktualienmarkt with my ice-cream (mint and chocolate in case you were wondering)

Sarah at Marienplatz with glittery eyebrows and somewhat frustratingly managing to pull off my heart shaped sunglasses that always look a bit funny on me

Another picture of the balloons being released as I was worried that it wouldn't come out, but they both look alright. A sad song was being sung as they took off, and a man was receiving emergency medical attention in the middle of the crowd. It was a strange experience. 

Not quite used to the attention the make up/face paint gave me . On the u-bahn ready to attend Pride celebrations at Marienplatz

Sarah liked this pose because it went with her t-shirt. "Fight the power" or something...

A frustratingly dark photo of my local u-bahn station. This is the first in a series of missing photos. I'm sure they were too dark rather than too brilliant that they had to steal them

What else can you do but take photographs when your train is still 20 minutes away?

Sarah at The Keg Bar. She removed her glitter eyebrows and put on something warmer to watch me eat the buffalo wings in the next photograph

These buffalo wings were amazing and well worth going to the bar just to get them. Luckily Sophie ordered them for us as the kitchen was about to close and we hadn't arrived yet. I say us but I definitely ate all but two of them.
I enjoyed meeting Hanna who is a friend of Sophie. We had seen each other around before but never had a chance to speak, so the encounter was welcome!

Even without alcohol I cannot remember what we were laughing about! Sisters Sophie (left) and Natalie (right) pictured at The Keg Bar. 

I also made a tutorial of the David Bowie inspired rainbow face paint I wore this day, so if you haven't had a chance to check it out yet now is your chance!

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