The Twirl

April 01, 2019
Nobody had any cash but the vending machine accepted card.  
We asked Lewis “What do you want? Everything?” 
And he said “yeah” With a wry giggle. 

There was an untouchable balance on the machine which read £8.88. 
People began selecting their snacks,
Lewis wanted a bottle of water but we said
“there’s water in the room”
and he said “where”
we said “in the tap”
he said “oh”.

Milly and I both decided we wanted a Twirl
and she actually had cash in her pocket so she lined it up
and the machine started to swirl
the metal and the Twirl
went to fall out but got stuck in the railings
and we all gasped! What would happen now?

And then there was the familiar noise of
clunk clunk clunk
as the vending machine popped out unfamiliar coins
and said “Sorry. Out of stock.”

So we tried again, putting these now different
denominations of the same amount back in the slot
and pressed the code and it seemed we were out of luck
Sold out, again.

So we tried for another, “pick anything” Said she
“I don’t want anything else.”
“How about a Kit-Kat?”
A sigh “Okay.”
And so of course, the Kit-Kat is dispensed
much to my disappointment.

I open the drawer and step back to examine my meagre prize.
It’s no Cadbury’s Twirl.
Then, to my wonderment, there is a thud
as the pre-selected Twirl falls off the shelf
and plummets into the collection drawer.

“Quick! Try again!”
But the LED screen reads
“Sorry, out of stock.”

What kind of cruel joke was this?
A Kit-Kat is hardly an equal swap for a Twirl
At least not in this household.

But still Milly, with perfect little sister
dedication said that I could have it,

and she supposed she didn’t mind having a Kit-Kat.

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